oral sex


Dear Sir

I had an oral sex incident on 8th july 06, A lady sucked my penis for not more than 2 mintues and i didnt had ejaculation. I tested elisa on 30th aug 06 and it was negative. Then i did western blot on 30th oct 06 and it also was negative . now i gain i did hiv tri dot test on 5th march 08 and it is also negative. In betwen i didnt do any deep kissing, penetrative sex for this time peirod. please let me know after 3 negative tset do i need to to do any more test. And is HIv trid ot agood test .iam from india.



Oral sex carries a very low risk for potential HIV transmission. A negative HIV-antibody test outside of the window period (three months) is considered to be definitive. You have negative HIV-antibody tests out to 1.5 years! You are conclusively HIV negative. No further HIV testing is warranted. I would suggest you spend some time perusing the wealth of information about HIV, HIV tests, HIV transmission and HIV prevention that can be found on this site, in its archives and at its related links.

Dr. Bob