Oral on a person with herpes



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Today I got a message from a man who told me that he has been diagnosed with herpes where symptoms surfaced on his penis the day after an encounter with me. I sucked his cock for about 10 minutes and he ejaculated in my mouth, which I swallowed. At the time of this encounter, he did not have any overt signs of herpes infection on his cock because I had a good look at it before I started to give him a blowjob. He said that the symptoms started to come about the following day until he went to his doctor a few days later. While I was giving him a blowjob, I used my hand to help the pleasure experience, and then I used that hand to jerk off my cock. It has been 9 days since the encounter and as of yet I have not had any symptoms. Also, I have not known myself to have herpes in my mouth or genitlas, as I have not had any symptoms in the past. Recognizing that many could be asymptomaric, I ask the following questions.

  1. what are my chances of having contracted and/or showing outbreak in this situation given that I touched my cock with my own saliva that was all over his cock;
  2. is testing for herpes a moot point given that it is believed that much of the population has it and people are often asymptomaric;
  3. should I be concerned that my sex life is over if I do develop symptoms.

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  1. Not highly likely.

  2. At this point, yes.

  3. No, but it would be a game-changer for sure. Millions of people infected with Herpes enjoy hot and steamy sex every day.

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