my opportunistic infection which is 99.9999999999% hiv


I read all your responses and I think you are an angel for doing this work. My case is the following, I had sex with somebody hiv+ who cut my penis in a few places during oral sex and than smeared me with his precum. I know that the risk is there. I woke up five days later with sore throat, and slowly by slowly develoed strong muscle pain, joint pain, white tounge, lymph gland pain and night sweats, following me now to the beginning of the third month. I did the following tests and they are all negative. Antibodies 15 dats, 28 days. Antigen 11, 15, 28. RNA PCR, the first accurate up to 15 plates at 15 days (all those might be too early) but the second RNA PCR (I asked for DNA PCR but my doctor insisted on RNA PCR) after 10.5 weeks or is more than two months is negative as well. My infection is still going on. I must be one of those rare cases where infection is very present but the viral load remains very low. I read some cases like that in the literature and in other places in the forum. You say you think that the viral load should be high during ARS but it could also be undetectable inside the cell (should I fight with my doctor ro get a DNA PCR?). I want to hit hard and early, I asked for the pep when the incident happened but the hospitals thought at the time it is a low risk exposure and will not give me any treatment (I am writing from western Europe and here they mostly only give the pep to injured nurses, doctors, policeman) . What should I do, should I do maybe do cd4 counts--my friend's viral load shows up on those tests--although now undetectable due to therpay? should I do antibodies at three and six months? I can't believe with the exposure to an hiv+ and the symptoms that I am experiencing that it is something else and I had no previous history of hypochondria. Please help me


While I understand your concern about HIV, the test results you report are re-assuring. I think it is worth being sure this is not another type of viral infection. Infection caused by CMV, EBV, or other herpes viruses could have the smae symptoms you are experiencing. It is worth obtainng follow-up HIv antibody tests. The HIV DNA test could be done if your symptoms remain, but I would have expected your RNA to be positive by this time, but agree you should continue to be followed closely. Hope this helps