Opp. infections but negative tests


Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read my question. I have been concerned about HIV for years now and this is why: In my life I have slept with 10 men (I am female). I was safe most of the time, but there were a few instances when I was not. Anyhow, I decided to stop having sex, get tested, and put my past behind me (or try to). I got tested for HIV 9 months after my last possible exposure via Unigold at Planned Parenthood. The test was negative. I then got tested again a few months later in my doctor's office. He drew blood from my vein but I am not sure what exact test he used, I'm guessing Elisa. He was able to give me the results the next day though. Anyway, this too was negative. The only reason I am still concerned is because I have had the following symptoms: recurring vaginal yeast infections, 2 abnormal pap smears, I have had strep throat twice in 3 months and feel like I am coming down with it again, I am tired, I have just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and I just feel like everytime I feel better something else happens. In the last year I have been celibate. The only possible exposures I have had could have been from making out in bars (only making out, nothing else!) and I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy done to help diagnose the Celiac because I was having loose stools. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I am a case of a person who cannot make antibodies, should I get a PCR done? Do you think these illnesses could be related to HIV? Should I get tested for HIV-2 or group O? I am worried and don't know where to go. I should also mention that all my blood counts have been normal if that makes any difference. Please advise me on what I should do. Thank you


Hi All of your testing show that HIV is not an issue for you. There are no cases of anyone not developing anitibodies. I know that Celiac disease can cause a lot of issues and I would continue following up with your health care provider. I would also make sure that you have been checked for other sexually transmitted infections. But HIV is not an issue for you at this point. You cannot get HIV from kissing so if this is the only exposure over the last year and with your HIV testing showing negative than you are!

I hope you can get this figured out with your health care provider.