Open Wound


Dear Doc

I posted this question earlier but with an incorrect e-mail address. hence the repetition.


On my travels to the far east I visited a massage parlour . I mean a real one. But lying naked on a bed whilst a nubile young woman gets about her business one finds oneself in a great state of arousal. While her hands were on my manhood mine was deep inside her, she was quite wet.

Now the million dollar stupid question.

Is it possible to contract the HIV virus through a wound on my probing finger which I only noticed the next day. The massueses was not visbly bleeding and I have no Idea if I was at the time but I doubt it.

Doc, A contribution by travellers cheque will be sent soon.



Chances are if your wound wasn't even noticed until the day after your rub-a-dub-dub, it is highly unlikely it was open and fresh enough to pose a significant HIV-transmission risk. In general fingering with intact skin is not considered to be an HIV risk. If you remain worried, a single HIV rapid test at the three-month mark will give you a definitive result.

Thanks for your tax-deductible gift to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( In return I'll send my best good-luck, good-health karma (It's never failed yet!) that your definitive HIV test results are negative, as I very strongly suspect they will be.

Good luck. Be well. Stay well. Vote Democrat!

Dr. Bob