Open cut on penis thanks to a painful zipper accident


G'day Dr Bob I'm hoping you may be able to help put my mind at ease.

The incident occured 2.5 months ago so I'm waiting for the 3 months mark to have a blood test. As this date is approaching Im starting to stress about getting the test done. I guess I'm scared shitless about the possibility of being positive.

Now the details. An hour or two before intercourse I caught my penis in my jeans zipper. Obviously this caused some pain but upon investigating I was unable to see any damage. ( I did squeeze the skin around the area & there was no sign of blood of loss of skin) The intercouse occured with a chinese prostitute & a condom was worn throughout. It wasnt until showering afterwards that I found a small hole, the size of a match head (thanks to the soap stinging) towards the top of my penis. Initially I wasn't concerned as this would have been protected during intercouse, but I started thinking later that when the condom was removed that some lubrication & vaginal secretions may have been dragged across & introduced into the wound. I think a tissue was placed under the condom as it was removed which may have smeared any fluids across the wound.

Needless to say that I'm currently experiencing some of the symptoms associated with sero-conversion. Have experienced the flu, currently have swollen & sore glands in neck, armpits & groin, as well as a persistent headache. I'm trying to avoid researching online for HIV symptoms as I've found this to increase my level of stress, not to mention the misleading & contradictory information out there. I'm trying to think about this rationally but I guess I'm after a professionals perspective on my situation. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.




Oucha-ma-goucha! You zippered your wiener?? Every guy who is reading this is getting a queasy uncomfortable feeling at this moment.

OK, so you wisely unzipped Mr. Happy and did not see any damage, even when you "squeeze the skin around the area." That's a good sign. The condom covered the area in question. That's also reassuring. Chances of vaginal secretions being introduced into the wound when the condom was removed are essentially nonexistent.

I'd say your biggest worry is the zipper on your jeans. My advice to you is to buy only "button fly" jeans from now on. Your 3-month test will be negative and all of your symptoms will magically disappear. Write back and yell WOO-HOO when you get the good news, OK?

Dr. Bob