Onset of ARS - Symptoms - DNA PCR Test


Hello, Dr. Holodniy.

Exactly 10 days ago I had what I thought was a low risk encounter with a prostitute. We did not have oral, anal or vaginal sex. Instead, with some massage oil that she provided, she massaged my back. I then massaged her back and stomach with the same oil. She also fondled my testicles with her hand. She also kissed and licked my ipples.

Later, she masturbated herself. She stuck her fingers into her vagina several times and then put her fingers into her mouth. After this, she kissed and licked my nipples again. I finally masturbated myself to ejaculation.

Since that time I have had some symptoms that may be associated with HIV and/or herpes. I have had one or two small lesions on my penis, itching and rash in my groin, some loose stools (not really diarrhea), a "knot" in my lower abdomen and slightly painful, swollen testicles.

This morning I woke up and I had slightly swollen glands in my neck and a slightly sore throat. I have heard that some or all of these symptoms can be associated with ARS, especially the swollen glands and sore throat. To my knowledge, I have not run a fever or had "soaking" night sweats that are associated with ARS. I have not had an "ARS" type rash on my upper body to date.

I intend to get a qualitative DNA PCR test done at 4 weeks.

My questions are:

  1. When is the earliest that ARS can occur? Can it occur at only 10 days after exposure?

  2. Do these symptoms indicate ARS?

  3. Should I get the DNA PCR test now or should I wait until 4 weeks have passed?

I am terrified that I am infected with HIV - please help.

  • Terrified


  1. That's a little early, but yes.
  2. Unlikely.
  3. Your risk is essentially zero. It's your money. MH