you are the only one I will trust or believe please help me please...regarding rapid test in er setting I know that dr lied to me please please respond!


Ok I am sure I will win the award for train wreck of the month but here is my story. I am so desperate and so scared I don't know what else to do or who to turn to. I trust you so much that is why I am doing this. Ok so on feb 7th had a brief unprotected encounter. Literally like 3 minutes. I didn't know I had hpv at this point and had open lesions without my knowledge. I got that from my ex of 10 years. The guy I was with claimed he was clean which was stupid for me to believe considering I hardly knew him. I never in my life thought I would be on this board asking you a question until now where I dont know what else to do it just can't be anything else. My symptoms started as geographic looking tongue with weird red spots on them on Feb 20th. My tongue started to bleed and then turned white and dry and coated and is still like that right now. Then the next week my stomache made these weird gurgling noises and cramping really bad making me nauseous. The next week my skin started getting weird pimples everywhere mostly on my legs arms face and neck and my eyes were really bloodshot! during this time I don't recall a fever I do recall my temp being below normal except for one day it was 102. Then the next week my lymphnodes all started to swell underarms neck under chin don't remember the groin area I do know they all hurt like hell! my skin also got these weird mosquito bite things that itch like hell then popped and went away. On top of night sweats in my chest area only. which soaked the front of my shirt. I had surgery during this time to remove the lesions from hpv I was already at cin 2. I tried pleading with the doctors to believe me that I may have hiv and they all just thought I was nuts. I forgot to mention that due to all the symptoms I was getting I took a test at 37 days post exposure which was negative. I know that don't mean shit but I thought I would throw that in there to let you know. They did the eia 1/2 with reflexes. On march 23 my gp ran my cbc and all my stuff came back crazy my wbc was 13.5 extremely elavated and my lymphocytes and neutrophils were through the roof! She still denied I may have this damned disease. Mind you she confirmed my lymphnodes were swollen and they remained swollen all the way to april 5th! She never refered me to an infectious doctor I just tried to believe I was full of anxiety and tried to let it go. Well the anxiety got so bad that I ended up going to the er on the 10th of may. They put me in a suicide unit of the hospital because they thought I was going to commit suicide which is bullshit. I was very serious about my symptoms and the doctor assuming I was a nut case said he would run an hiv test. Well supposedly he did and they did a rapid test while I was hospitalized and I remember him telling me it was negative. This is 92 days post exposure. he then sent me to a physc ward because he just thought I was crazy. So I thought maybe I am just crazy I tried to let it go and let it go. I felt ok for a little bit other than my tongue being white as hell and furry and my armpits burning and hurting.. Then out of the blue got eye floaters omg My fear kicks in again and I demand for my paper work from this hospital. They give me my paperwork and to my horror the test he did said suds and the time was four minutes omg I freaked out! Now the cdc says they don't use that test anymore and to call the hospital and demand to know what happened. I just had a bad feeling this whole time and my gut is telling me something is really wrong here. so I go to the infectious disease doctor for a second opinion who is supposedly an hiv specialist yeah right. She called the hospital and they claim they use the clearview 1/2 stat pack. So she said its anxiety and it is conclusive at 3 months move on. She stated eye floaters are not common in early infection and my skin looked fine. She said my tongue is anxiety driven even though I know it is not. she also claims that test can be done in 4 minutes and be accurate. There is so much on the line I have a kid I am so scared I have a professional job and a new boyfriend. and all I know is I feel like shit. I never had eye floaters in my life never had a tongue like this ever and the diarreah is insane non stop. I don't believe any of this is happening I am in a damn nightmare and just need some clarification. Please help me dr. Bob I am so scared I am right. I did research on the clearview 1/2 and it says 15 minutes is the time needed for an accurate result. btw I am sick and nauseous and tired and in pain almost every day. My armpits both hurt so bad they are so sore. I feel weird dizzy eye floaters and tongue which is now like foaming its really weird and I am so so tired. please help me and advise me what I should do I can't take anymore I am so damn scared please help me please! Have you ever heard of a rapid test being accurate in 4 minutes?



Yep, you win the award for train wreck of the week, but not the month! You'd have to be way more loony tunes to win that title. A complete whacked out fluffernutter. Don't be too sad about not winning the award. There is so much competition out there these days.

So why all the drama and accusations of doctors lying to you, etc.? Trying to figure out what happened in the past (such as exactly which test was performed or how many minutes of development time expired) is really not all that helpful. You want to know what's happening now. In particular you want to know if you are HIV infected. If there has been some confusion about testing techniques or types of assays used for your three-month (92-day) test, why not just get retested? Get an EIA (or ELISA) with reflex Western Blot if the former is repeatedly reactive. I'm very confident the result will be negative. This test will be definitive and conclusive.

Your symptoms and previous lab work are not worrisome for HIV, because, for instance, the lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) associated with HIV is usually painless; your rashes are inconsistent with those associated with HIV; your white blood cell count of 13.5 is only mildly elevated; etc. I'm not saying your symptoms are not real. I believe they are. I just don't believe they are caused by HIV. There's an excellent chance they are psychosomatic. Once your HIV status is confirmed to be negative, I would suggest you seek psychotherapy to help you cope with your anxiety, depression and irrational fears of HIV. Psychotherapy can help you put things in their proper perspective.

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob