One Test Follow-up


Happy Holidays Dr. Bob!

I have come back with another question. As I have told your previously I am a young woman who began to fear HIV and everything else after having an abnormal Pap earlier this year (FEB). My last possible exposure was in Jan/Feb by unprotected vaginal sex. I had a blood draw test at a Lab Corp through my Dr. I know they tested for HIV and syphillis. But I don't know about Hep C. Would either of those tests picked it up? How would I know if I had it? I ask because I've read the archives and I'm still confused. Would my one HIV test take 7-8 months post exposure still be considered conclusive even though I don't know my Hep C status? I have had the vaccines for the other ones.
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HIV tests detect only HIV. Syphilis tests detect only syphilis.

Your negative HIV test at seven to eight months is definitive and conclusive, even if you don't know your hepatitis C status.

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