One more question. I promise!


Hello Doctor!

I've written you twice before and have gotten one answer. (And believe you me, I'm very grateful for that answer!)
I was satisfied and happy with that response for many months. Now, things have happened to raise my doubts and worries again. I'm hoping you have the time to answer this one last question (or two!).

Brief summary: Eight years ago I put myself at risk by having unprotected vaginal intercourse with a male whose status I did not know. I lived with the fear from that for almost 5 years before I finally got tested with the OraQuick rapid test. It came back negative.

I have been in a monogamous relationship for almost 7 years now and have no reason to believe I could have acquired HIV from my fiance. I still have lingering thoughts that that OraQuick test was wrong. Especially now that I've seen reports questioning the accuracy.

I had been doing really well until two months ago when I underwent Lap-Band surgery. Since then, it seems everything is going wrong. I developed an MRSA infection in one of my incisions and was put on weeks of sulfur-based antibiotics for that. Then I got thrush. (Logic tells me that it's the antibiotics, but google thrush and the first thing you see is HIV/AIDS!) Then there are the recurrent sinus infections. I've also developed yeast infections under my arm and under my breasts. (Probably TMI, I know, sorry.) And, in the past month, I've had a recurrent sty that pops up in the same place every time.

I've never had these problems before. Part of me thinks it could just be from the changes my body is going through after surgery. (31lbs lost so far!) A much bigger part of me thinks that I really DO have HIV and the surgery complicated things and now the MRSA, thrush, and sty are all related to having the disease.

Is that at all possible? Or am I just losing my mind? Should I worry about the accuracy of the OraQuick test I took 3ish years ago? I'm seriously considering seeking psychological help for my obsession with thinking I have this disease.

Thank you for your time and all that you do. I've even asked MY doctors about this who say I have nothing to worry about, but for some reason, hearing it come from you makes it more believable.

Thanks again.



I agree with your doctors. Your HIV fears are unwarranted. MRSA, antibiotics-induced thrush and your various yeast infections have absolutely nothing to do with HIV. I see absolutely no reason to question the validity of your negative HIV test. However, if you don't believe your doctors or me, get a repeat HIV test. The results will undoubtedly be negative. Last time you "lived in fear for 5 years." I strongly urge you not to repeat that same mistake.

Dr. Bob