one positive rapid test followed by 10 negative rapid test..


Dear sir i am very much thankful to your forum. My question is i had unprotected frottage with a sex girl in bangkok. When i returened to india i took two rapid test at 3rd and 6th week after exposure and the results came back negative. AT 8th week i took another test which came back positive. I am so shocked and rushed to two different lab to confirm that and both the results came back negative. Dear sir, up to four months after exposure since that positive test i took 10 rapid antibody test and all the results were negative. I am so confused now. PLease help me by your professional advice what my hiv status could be? iwas my positive a false positive? despite having several negative test i am not happy since i already had one positive test. PLease try to reply me soon



Frottage is not considered a risk for HIV transmission/acquisition.

Your positive eight-week test was undoubtedly a "false positive," as evidenced by your multiple subsequent negative tests. You've had 10 negative rapid tests since your "positive" test. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No further HIV testing is warranted or recommended. False-positive HIV screening tests are not uncommon. You can read much more about this in the archives of this forum.

Stop worrying and start WOO-HOO-ing. You are conclusively and definitively HIV negative.

Dr. Bob