Thanks Dr. you are a godsend, and I can't say enough how fortunate we are for your advice!!!

My question is simple: I went to a strip club, I was fully clothed, but the woman naked. The woman engaged in touching her genitalia and touching her body (including breasts). Her bra remained on, but she told me to suck on her breast. I didnt want to, and didnt, though I did (stupidly) stick my tongue out for a half second and licked once (no where near the aereola). My fear is that since she had touched her genitalia maybe two or three minutes before and perhaps touched her breast my lick has exposed me to HIV, especially since the strippers often double as sex workers.

Thanks so very much for your analysis! Im making my contribution!!!



Even if you used Bouncing Bertha's boob as a popsicle, your HIV-acquisition risk would remain nonexistent. I see absolutely no reason for concern or for HIV testing. Relax Max. You're fine, OK?

Dr. Bob