one last time


Hey Dr.Bob one last question just to make sure. My gp told me that even with the 9 month negative it does not completely rule out hiv. i told him my symptoms dry spots on tongue and throat, constant headaches, pain in my ears, pain in my chest( feels like a knot) pain in my upper thigh areas, my legs sometimes feel numb.I have been getting the occsasional canker sore, even with all of these symptoms can I be absofrickinlutely 100% sure I do not have hiv? I know you get tired of the same,same questions but it is tearing me apart inside to think my wife and unborn baby are at stake. I am supposed to be starting a new job I have been trying to get for over a year now , and I want to start fresh , not worrying about the possibility of having infected my wife, and unborn baby. Please let me know , I will donate as much as I can(not trying to influence an answer) but because doing that actually makes me feeel good. So it is a little selfish on my part. Hope to hear from you soon.Take care.



Despite what your well intentioned GP may have said, it is my opinion as an HIV specialist that your ongoing symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. Your nine-month negative HIV test is definitive and conclusive. "One last time," HIV is not your problem. No way. No how!

Thanks for your donation! Good luck with your new job and the new addition!

Be well. Stay well. Stop worrying.

Dr. Bob