You are ONE GNARLY DUDE Dr. Bob. My CREW Loves you - Read ON!!


You are ONE GNARLY DUDE Dr. Bob. My CREW Loves you - Read ON!!

Dr. Bob,

We donated at 11:12 PM PST -- We feel Wonderful!!

Thank You for your quick response. I donated on-line with my debit card to your foundation. By the way, My Posse thinks you are absolutely the "Mate of a Mates" as the Aussies say!!! Hey, We got together and dug up more money and we are donation another $50.00 to your foundation. I just have two more questions for you, if you can address them for me. Please Dr. Bob, Please make my weekend bareable.

1.) When you answered my question about the credit card incident. I did ask you to think of every scenario so I could be assured that I was absolutely safe no matter what. And I didn't have to take any more tests for now. The only thing that I can think of is telling you I didn't have my pulled back skin area covered up or a bandage on it, It was bare and exposed when all that happened. And I do know that area of my finger was lying over (on) the spot I described. With this additional information, what do you think the chances of getting HIV like this is?

2.) I had another situation come up today and I am FREEEEAKED out of my wits. I was at a Nail Salon getting a peidcure. The woman that was doing my feet, during the pedicure, they scrub your feet with this rough plastic looking brick to exfoliate your feet. Get alll the dead skin cells off I reckon. Well this chick was rubbing on my feet with that device like she was scraping paint off a house. After that, they use some soft scrub and washed off the feet and lotioned them up. When everything was finished I was looking at my feet and UGGGGH. She cracked open my skin. Dr. Bob!! I SEE A LITTLE CUT!! If this woman is HIV + not knowing what condition her hands are in. Lots of things could be wrong with her hands,( nicks, cuts, scrapes, maybe some dings from doing nails, pulled back skin - ANYTHING). Her hands have to be moist so if she has any trauma it is moist as well. And she is now touching my feet all over, INCLUDING the little cut where she rubbed it raw. I wanted to make sure I wasn't seeing anything so I bought a lemon, got home, cut into it and placed it on my little cut and it stings. So I know there is a little cut there. What are my chances of getting HIV like this? Dr. Bob give me the thorough full scoop. I can take it. Is there any senario whatsoever, any chances at all to get HIV from this experience?

3.) So you learned to surf in Australia? Whoa, you must have seen some Gnarly Waves. I have to tell you Dr. Bob. We are jealous. Well, in wrapping up. We just think you are the Coooolest Cat that lives. We will watch your forum from time to time and we will donate as much as we can, as often as we can.

From your Homies, SD - Which means Surfer Dude. If you haven't figured that out yet!

Hang Tight Dr. Bob! You're da BEST!!!


Hey there Surfer Dude, G'day!

Many thanks to you and your posse for the donations to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( I truly believe you've all just earned yourselves a boatload of excellent cosmic karma for your generosity and desire to help others in desperate need. On behalf of all those who will be touched by your gift, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Regarding your three follow-up questions: Relax Max!

  1. Even with your uncovered pulled-back skin area touching the "spot" described, your HIV-acquisition risk remains nonexistent. If HIV were that easy to catch, it would have wiped out the planet long ago.

  2. Even if Little Miss Mani-Pedi was exfoliating your tootsies with a cheese grater and had "nicks, cuts, scrapes, dings, and pulled back skin" on the hands, your HIV-acquisition risk from getting a pedicure is nonexistent. If there was a significant HIV risk, pedicures would have become as extinct as dinosaurs by now. We've been monitoring exactly how HIV is and is not transmitted for over a quarter of a century and getting a small cut or rubbed raw by an overly aggressive pedicurist is not on the list of things to even worry about. Stop freaking out and start enjoying your pretty feet!

  3. Yep! I got barreled in a few waves that definitely qualified as "gnarly" during my many trips to Oz. Just for fun, I'll post below a few surfer-related questions from the archives.

As for hanging tight, generally I hang to the left.

Be well homies!

Dr. Bob

Aussie surfer in need Jun 22, 2005

G'day Dr Bob,

Again well done for all the advice on this forum, its fantastic.

Need a bit of advice. Had unprotected sex nearly 9 months ago.

Since then have had 2 negative ELISA tests (one at 3 months and the other 5 months).

However have had tight chest from about 1 month post exposure till now, together with lymph nodes in groin, neck and armpit. Have had tests for Hepatitis, Glandular fever ect which came up with nothing.

2 months ago started getting floating spots in my eyes (uncommon for my age i'm 28?).

Also have had white spots in my mouth for about 4 months.

My Doctor ruled out HIV because of the test timing.

I suppose my question is I'm experiencing all these symptoms (especially glands) for such a long duration that it suggests something must be wrong.

If I was a delayed seroconverter would i be showing all these symptoms???

Thanks for your help??

Worried Aussie surfer

Response from Dr. Frascino

G'day Mate,

To sum up: unprotected nookie nine months ago, followed by symptoms, followed by negative ELISA tests at three and five months. Your doctor ruled out HIV, but some symptoms persist, and so you are wondering if you might be a delayed seroconverter. Nope! I totally agree with your doc. HIV is not your problem.

So all tests have turned up nothing and your symptoms are still there, so you believe it "suggests something must be wrong." I agree. What is wrong is that you are a "worried Aussie Surfer." You need to get help for being a worrier (i.e. treatment for your anxiety) and stop perseverating on an illness you do not have (i.e. HIV). So, Aussie Surfer Dude, relax, crack a tinnie and don't let HIV fears let a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock. She'll be apples mate! Fair dinkum!

Stay well Down Under.

Dr. Bob

Virgin surfer in duress..will donate Mar 16, 2007


You are truely the best in all the senses and wish that more people can be more like you. I know that you are swamped with more important things than my stupid question however, I am very worried and need you to help me out. I am a 21 year old virgin and my friends decided to hook me up with a girl. We met, went out a couple of times then one day made out on the beach after she asked me to teach her how to surf. I mean we really made out (did not have any type of sex) and I sucked on her breast and got my lip caught on a nipple ring (and stopped). I really wasn't hurt but because of my inexperience, I am freaking out. Am I at risk of HIV? Please do what you can to answer..if you want to answer to my email thats ok to. Please tell me where to donate.


Jason (bajasurfer)

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey there Baja Surfer Jason,

So learning how to surf begins with a make-out session on the beach with a hot surfer-dude teacher who nibbles on nipples??? Hey, sign me up!

Relax, Jason, your HIV risk is nonexistent. Actually, I already know how to surf taught on Bondi Beach by an ex-Australian lover. But, I could use a few pointers. So how about I teach you about safer sex techniques and you improve my toes-on-the-nose re-entries? Deal? Well, if not, at least I suggest you spend some time reading through the archives of this site and related links to learn more about safer sex and HIV-transmission risks, OK?

Regarding donation information for The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation, that can be found on the Foundation's Web site at Thanks for your willingness to help those in desperate need, Grommit-Guy!

Stay well!

Dr. Bob

Nipple Gripple Aug 18, 2004

Hi Robert

I am an Aussie bloke who had a rather 'inocent' encounter that is freaking me out. To make a long story short I allowed another guy to play with my nipples - rather harshly. He had precum on his fingers from playing with himself. I am now worried (especially after developing a cold 2 weeks out). I had trauma to my nipples (rash from the wet shirt) from surfing the day before. Am I at risk? I did nott know the guy from a bar of soap. Thanks - Worried Aussie Bloke Sunshine Coast.

Response from Dr. Frascino


A Sunshine Coast Aussie surfer with sore nipples and a wet shirt . . . . Gosh, sounds like the opening scene to a porno flick I saw a few years back. Relax, mate, your HIV risk is the same as that of finding a Tasmanian devil rooting with a wombat playing a didgeridoo on the back end of your surfboard. In other words, no worries mate! By the way, we American blokes have no difficultly telling an Aussie stud muffin surfer dude from a bar of soap. (Only the soap makes bubbles when you lick it.)


Dr. Bob

BANANA bender UPdate Sep 9, 2006

Hi, bob howz it going mate? I wrote you an email earlier about Sydney sexual health's six week tests,,,thanks for ur reply,,,and yes btw offcourse we are mates!!!u know i was talking to my gay doctor on oxford st. and i told him about ur website etc etc,,,and he tells me that he himself is a regular reader!!! Oh yes and i also agree about ur comments about what the bloody hell is goin on with aussie boys these days,,,why are they all so worried,,,,well thank god that we have you 2 help us mate!! i just have one last question,,,i begged my doc to get me a HIV pcr TEST 7 weeks post exposure..i gave the bloods in on tuesday,,,,the lab is meant to do these tests every thursday but they had some staffing problems and have to instead do em' this comin monday...that's a six day gap between collection and testing...My Beer fuelled anxiety question is this...will my test still be valid doc?...cause i read somewhere that ROCHE says that BLOOD should be PROCESSED within 4 days of collection!!...could it be that processing the blood is different to testing the blood and i am just being a dill???...please answr doc.... oh yea i have something unrelated to say....ive got an uncle in CISCO' and he wants me to come stay there for a few months just so i can chillax as im havin a bit of a hard time here with university n stuff,,,i hear CISCO' is lot like sydney whaddya reckon.??,,,are the blokes just as HOT..or what?

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Banana-UP,

Welcome back to the forum.

I'm delighted both you and your Oxford St. doc find the site helpful. Interestingly enough, many years ago, when I had a spunky Aussie-surfer-dude for a lover ("heaven-on-a-stick" my friends used to call him), I actually considered opening an office on Oxford Street! Ultimately, I'm glad I didn't. If I had, I might not have found Steve (Dr. Steve, the expert in the Tratamientos Forum). He's "better than heaven on a stick." He's vegemite on warm toast.

Regarding your PCR test, no worries, Mate. There are some regulations as to how the plasma is processed before the test is run, depending on which assay the lab is using. However, all blood tests are timed and dated. If your specimen is too old to be accurate, the lab will contact you for another blood sample. Really, they will.

As for San Francisco (no one here calls it Frisco or Cisco, by the way) vs. Sydney, they are actually somewhat similar. Except:

  1. Your harbor bridge is more modern than our Golden Gate.

  2. Your beaches are much better and the water, much warmer. (Can't go in the water without a wetsuit here.)

  3. We don't have spunky lifesavers who like to pull their cozzies up the crack of their butts like your blokes do.

  4. Your weather is better.

  5. We don't have Mardi Gras.

  6. Darlinghurst is classier than the Castro.

  7. No opera house, roos, cuddly koalas or cackling kookaburras.

  8. However, we do have a Rodeo Cowboy running the country.

Hey . . . come to think of it, what the hell are Steve and I doing here instead of Sydney??? Kidding, of course. Australians love San Francisco and San Franciscans love Australians. All you have to do is show up and talk and you'll have All-American boys wanting to root like wombats in heat.

So if you come to town and see me on Castro Street, don't hesitate to say g'day mate.


Dr. Bob