Is one Dose of Diflucan enough for THRUSH.?


Dr. Reznik I was going through the question that you had answered on Thrush and diflucan. My doctor told me I have thrush and I was given only one dose (1 capsule) of diflucan, do u think that was not enough of medication for thrush or I have HIV, I had tested negative on 8 th month, now I am beginning to think may be test was wrong or I have some other strain of HIV. My thrush first appeared after 6 months of exposure. Thanks for your answer


There are several reasons why a person can develop candidiasis (thrush) including, but by no means limited to HIV infection. Other potential causes include uncontrolled or undiagnosed diabetes, use of steroid-containing asthma inhalers, use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and systemic corticosteroids. If you have tested negative at 7 months and you truly had a case of candidiasis, I would look for causes other than HIV.

I do not believe one dose of Diflucan is adequate to treat candidiasis. According to numerous references, candidiasis should be treated to two weeks. The recommended dosing of Diflucan for oral candidiasis is as follows: 200 mg on day one, followed by 100 mg a day for the rest of the two week treatment period.

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