one day sore throat with swollen lymph nodes


Hi I am a male who had protected vaginal sex and received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker in Taiwan a bit more than 7 weeks ago. I woke up yesterday with a mild sore throat which worsen until the night. I noticed swollen lymph nodes on my neck, and the left side one(near to the shoulder ) have an aching pain. But I woke up this morning the sore throat is gone and the swollen lymph nodes has also went down. Given that it is 7 weeks after exposure and the sore throat only lasted for one day, can this be typical ARS symptom? I had the very low risk activity but still bothers me when this symptoms comes up. Please reply thanks alot.


Hello there- I agree with you that the risk of HIV transmission with oral sex is extremely low. If you are concerned, I would get tested. By 7 weeks standard antibody tests will be relatively accurate. 7 weeks out would be late for ARS. take care, LHW