Is it ok to take Valtrex and stribild?


Is it ok to take stribild and Valtrex ? Im a lil nervous


Hello and thanks for posting.

The goal of HIV treatments is to have at least two fully active medications in the regimen. If your virus has a high degree of drug resistance, then sometimes one needs to construct unusual regimens to have a sufficient number of fully active drugs in the regimen.

Didanosine (ddI, Videx) is a NRTI drug uncommonly used today and should be restricted for people living with multi-drug resistant HIV.

The combination of ddI with tenofovir (part of Stribild) is problematic as tenofovir increases the levels of ddI, leading to increased risk of toxicity. For this reason, it's recommended that if ddI is to be taken with tenofovir, that the dose of ddI be reduced to 250 mg once-daily. It would be reasonable to monitor for any ddI-related side effects, such as neuropathy or abdominal pain, and to report any symptoms to your provider.

I hope that this is helpful, BY