Odd lumps after HIV DX


Hi Doc,

I am a 33-year-old male who tested positive in July. I believe I was infected in April or May. I have yet to have the blood work-up for virtual load and CD4 count. I will be meeting with Dr. Henry in mid Aug.

In the meantime a have become overly sensitive to changes in my body. My health is excellent (minus the HIV) but I am very concerned about a lump on the bottom of my foot, one in my groin area, and three in my arm pit.

In all three areas the lumps hurt for about a week or so and then stop. The lumps have not disappeared. At first I thought they may be pimples, but they are appearing in odd areas of my body.

Is this common and caused by being HIV positive? Is this what to expect with HIV?

Thank you.


Thanks for your post.

Sounds like you might be seeing the famous Dr. Keith Henry in Minnesota. He's certainly a very highly respected HIV specialist.

From what you've described, you may have enlarged lymph nodes (aka "glands") in your armpit and groin. These are very common among persons with HIV infection, particularly those who are not on antiretroviral therapy.

I'd make sure that your doctor is aware of these symptoms-- just in case that there is something else going on.

Good luck, BY