Obtaining shortterm disability insurance when living with HIV


My employer benefits recently changed so I no longer have short term disability coverage. I have been shopping for an individual policy I could purchase to cover me if I was unable to work due to an accident or injury, not necessarily for a condition related to HIV. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a company willing to write a policy because I have HIV. Do you know if there are any insurance companies who would write such a policy?


Virtually all disability policies, both long and short term, are only written on an individual basis with medical underwriting, which gives the carrier a chance to look at your medical condition and refuse coverage. I don't know of a single carrier that will accept a person with HIV for coverage if the plan is medically underwritten.

If you don't live in a state that mandates short term disability to employers (California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island) I doubt that you will be able to find coverage. The best alternative is to "self-insure" a short term disability by setting aside money each pay period to accumulate into a sick leave fund.

Good luck, Jacques