Obtaining Medication in Guadalajara as a Temporary Resident


I have obtained my temporary residency card, am living in Ajijic, Mexico and have also received approval for Seguro Popular. Unfortunately, I am having a very difficult time obtaining the name of the HIV/AIDS hospital in Guadalajara that I am supposed to go to for medication and Dr. visits. Can someone possibly help me, such as the person who posted in 2016 that they were moving to the Guadalajara area as well? I have been off medication for a month now after being on meds since 1994.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Congratulations on having the opportunity to live in Mexico. In general, there is excellent access to HIV care and medications, and since you've already experienced a gap in your HIV treatment, getting you linked into care is a priority.

I've asked my good friend, Dr. Carlos Cabrera (HIV specialist physician in Merida, Mexico and Executive Director of FundacionBAI) about your question. He writes back:

"The patient needs to enroll into the SEGURO POPULAR program, where s/he will need the following:

Original and 2 copies of her passport Original and 2 copies of her temporary resident green card Original and 2 copies of the latest electric or water bill (it doesn't have to be on her name) 2 copies of her CURP (population number) this can be retrieved easily from the internet. She has the number on her temporary resident green card and she can look it up and print online.

I asked two copies because one will be for enrolling into seguro popular and the second for enrolling into the HIV clinic, called CAPASITS.

S/he also needs a medical summary from her physician in the US that states when was she diagnosed, base line CD4 count and viral load, relevant lab work, current markers and all the regimens she has been on as well as what's the current one. Relevant or major side effects and medical conditions.

This will also be provided to CAPASITS for continuation on medication and enrollment, if the medication isn't available in Mexico yet, they will possibly provide another one. The physician could recommend an alternative on the summary."

I hope that's helpful, BY