NYC asian massage


Dr Wohl: I recently visited a massage palour in NYC. The lady I selected proceeded to give me a blow job and then sexual intercourse. She put a condom on me, but after we finished I was so nervous that I immediately dressed, paid and ran out without letting her properly wash me.

Even though a condom was used, do you think leaving her vaginal/cervical juices on the base/shaft of my penis (and perhaps my penis glan as a result of removing the condom) for 45 minutes poses a risk of exposure.

I've been experiencing a swollen glan on one side of my neck for the past several weeks that refuses to subside.

You opinion would be greatly appreciated.


HIV does not pass through intact skin. While certainly there could be small breaks in the skin anywhere you reduced the risk significantly by using a condom. Chances of you acquiring transmission through the encounter you describe are extremely low (one in thousands if not tens of thousands I'd venture to guess).

If you are concerned about possible infection you should get an HIV antibody test now and about 3 months post exposure. If all you have is a single swollen gland in your neck I would be less worried about acute HIV but would see a doctor nonetheless. DW