Hi There,

I woke up with some numbness and tingling in my right side of face and hand.

It has been four day now and I still have some of the sensation. Not as present as four days ago.

It is like I went to the dentist and had a dose of novocaine. Why do you think this is happening. Is it something I should be worrying about.

I have recently been diagnosed with Anal cancer and am having alot of bowel problems, could this be the reason with the face and hand.

The bottom of my left leg is numb too but I think that is from neuropathy that I have on left side. I have also had back surgery twice in the last year or so. It was a discetomy. Nothing has gotten better from the back surgery.


For the tingling/numbess on right side you need to see your HIV specialist or primary care doctor to evaluate for a number of possible causes including Bell's palsy, nerve compression, transient ischemic attacks and others. Possible cause depends on many factors incuding HIV status, underlying medical problems, HIV meds, other meds so thorough evaluation is recommended. KH