Nude massage risk


Hello Doc you r one of the funniest guy i ever saw online atleast!!!

I recently had a nude body to body massage rub with a female.

no contact involved with her vagina and my penis and no sex also and she rubbed her anal against my penis. i am not circumsized and my foreskin was moving up and down with her anal penetration anywhere.

And she had flu and also a small bruise on her leg with was recent but dunno if it was bleeding and she used oil throughout the session and i made sure she didn't sit anywhere near my penis while giving hand job.

i am getting married soon so it was my last act.

I had this small pore or sore(no bleeding and not recent also) on my penis and she kind of touched with her hands twice at that place and kind of pressed it.

I have asthma and i am kind of wheezing,coughing and i think have phlegm in my throat sometimes and some breathlessness after 2 weeks of this massage and atleast i am not finding other symptoms for now.

Will donate soon great work doc really helping a lot of people and let me also do my small bit by donating

Thanks in advance



Your post really didn't ask a question. It just described a typical night out for many rightwing GOP congressmen. (Well, excluding the closeted gay ones, which, I will grant you, is indeed a significant number! It seems to me the "holier-than-thou" GOPers have spent an awful lot of time on their knees this past year, but they haven't been doing a lot of praying!)

So I'm assuming you are wondering about your HIV risk from your nude massage, right? Well, with "no contact involved with her vagina and my penis and no sex . . . ," I would put your HIV risk at nonexistent.

Your "symptoms" are consistent with asthma, not HIV.

Stop worrying about HIV and get your asthma better under control!

Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's urgently needed and warmly appreciated.

Good luck with the upcoming nuptials.

Dr. Bob