nude lap dance


my concern is over a lap dance at a strip club a few weeks ago. now i know you cant get HIV from a normal lap dance, but i feel my situation is different so please just hear me out before you yell.

she was fully nude, i had my pants down and only a pair of thin boxer briefs on...i came, she continued grinding for a few more minutes. my penis was between her cheeks so thats not my concern, my concern is after cumming, my penis went down and mine has a tendency to roll back flaccid and point straight up. so now the tip my pee hole was in direct contact with her vaginal area a few minutes after cumming. no penetration, but the next day i did have her odor on my penis (and im circumcised and never experienced hygiene problems down there) so i have to assume it was from her. my concern is if her order was on me, if the possibility of her cumming (doubt she did) or her being wet (which she was) was enough to transmit HIV (not saying she had it, but if she does) through my urethra?

im not experiencing any weird symptoms or anything, and im not here to complain, i just want your thoughts or advice as this concerns me.

i can donate $150 (sorry thats all i can afford) if you can please give me your advice.

thank you!



Actually your lap dance still qualifies as a "normal lap dance." You had your stylish 2xist boxer briefs on at all times. You spunked them up and then Badda Bing Betty bopped around on your home entertainment center for a while longer while your Mr. Happy rolled back spent but content beneath your soggy briefs. If that's accurate then despite smelling like Betty's box the next day, I see no real HIV risk. Of course if you are worried, you always have the option of getting an HIV test at the three-month mark, but personally, I don't believe it's warranted.

Thanks for your donation! (

Stay well. (Yes, I do believe you are indeed well!)

Dr. Bob