I am not yet undetectable - so worried and anxious


Dear Dr., Thank you for taking the time and reading the daily posts. I was diagnosed this March 2016 with hiv viral load of 569,700 and cd4 286. I was placed on viraday. Here are the tests and vaccines i have been having: End of april test: viral load: 1234 and cd4 622. Then i had three vaccines: hep a, b, and pevnar 13. End of may test: viral load very slight decrease: 1222 and cd4 dropped to 422. End of june test: viral load decreased to 122 - no cd4 test. Aug 1 test: viral load decreased to 97 and cd4 increased to 628. My question is why this slight decrease in viral load? Is it because of the vaccines i had? I am on viraday and i am taking it every night not missed a dose. It has been five months now and i am still detectable havent reached undetectable viral load. I am soo worried and anxious. This really scares me.


I think you have had a fabulous response and I am not concerned. Because of your high viral load prior to starting HiV treatment, it may take several months to get to undetectable. The vaccines may have altered the curve down slightly, but given your excellent CD4 response, it may just take a few more months to get there.