do not play around but still got gonorhea


ive had foul smelling discharge for weeks now, and just two days ago my husband showed symptoms of having gonorhea..we seriously talked about it and both of us have been clean. i havent had any contact with any other partner since birth, aside form my husband. hes admitted to having a fling last feb of 2010, but has been clean since..

both of us are how did we get to have an std?



First you'll both need to be screened to see exactly what the problem really is. If indeed you both have a sexually transmitted disease, such as gonorrhea, you'll need to revisit that serious talk you had with your hubby. Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted only one way -- sexually! (That's why we so cleverly named them "sexually transmitted diseases"!) Consequently, if you know you haven't had any potential STD exposures, then your husband (who had a fling last February) most likely is flinging once again.

Dr. Bob