I did not know she was a prostitute



A while ago I picked up a girl at a bar and we went out to my car. We kissed alot and she performed oral sex on me. About a week later I came down with bad flu-like symptoms that lasted for a few days. I normally would have not have been worried about this but i found out that this girl is a stripper and she charges guys for sex.I am very scared do I need to be tested? I dont know if I can bring myself to do it.


Since there is no evidence that anyone has been infected with HIV through receiving oral sex, the odds of infection are (practically) zero. Sexual transmission of HIV is known to occur in the following three ways:

  1. Anal sex, receptive or insertive

  2. Vaginal sex, receptive or insertive

  3. Oral sex, receptive fellatio or insertive cunnulingus (transmission to the person whose mouth is on the genitals)

If your sexual behavior does not fall into any of the above categories, then the risk is only theoretical: it is highly unlikely that you will become infected through other forms of sexual contact.

If the risk of transmission is theoretical only, it doesn't matter that the person performing oral sex on you was a sex worker. The odds for infection are negligible. Your penis coming into contact with an HIV infected person's saliva is not likely to cause infection. Saliva contains low levels or virus, and probably non-infectious HIV, since saliva contains a component that inactivates HIV.