Not HIV? Then what could it be? Pls help


Dr. Bob

I have been sufferring for almost 2 years since my exposure to foreign woman in July 2005. ARS symptoms started 2-3 weeks post exposure. Severe Muscle aches (esp. calf muscles) Severe joint (hips & knees) Flu-like symptoms, lymph nodes swollen, severe night sweats.. anal & genital rash, irritation, yeast infection, oral & genital..etc.

Now almost 2 years later I am still fighting the anal & genital irritation, diagnosed only as puritis scroti & ani by derm. I am now suferring from PN pretty bad now.. has gradually gotten worse over the past month or two. Cuts on hand not healing, even paper cut bleeds for 2-3 days and never heals completely. Pimples and breakouts on face esp. temples and forehead. My ears feel like they are clogged all the time, dry eye syndrome opth. dianosed as well as peripheral retinal holes.

My wife is sufferring from many of the same symptoms plus hair loss and both her vertebral arteries have disected. My wife knows all about what I did and we are trying to get on with our lives...

I tested neg for HIV 1&2 out to 14months elisa and viral. Neg for all other STDs including chly, gon, syph, htlv, hep .. all of these were out to 3-4months or so. I had lyme disease back in 2003 but tested neg recently for active lyme. I have antibodies for epst. barr but not active. I could have had way back when.

PLs help, I have a few questions

1.) Could I have contracted HIV and my body never produce antibodies. Or could a co-infection with something else cause me not to be able to produce? Could the lyme disease back in 2003 have some effect. Shoudl my wife take an HIV test? She does not want to b/c I have had many testes and out to 14mos.

2.) Can you suggest anything that could be causing my symptoms, both initially and now. I am now fearful of everythin, TB, bacterial infections, mytosis, mycoplasma infection, invasive candidiasis, even leprosy (i read eye issues and pn are signs). Is there anything that woudl have these manifistations after 2 years?

  1. I also had a cd4 count done after 2 weeks post exposure and it was 590. HAve had 2 since (6mo & 1yr and they were both over 1200) I read that an initial drop in cd4 like to 590 and them spike back up is indicatiev of HIV. Is it indicative of anything else.

Can you pls give me any insight you have, I am scared and certain I contracted something infectious. My sincere thanks for all you do. Another donation is on the way. I admire your dedication to such a worthy cause. All the best to you!



With your repeatedly negative HIV-1 and HIV-2 tests out to 14 months, one thing is certain: You are HIV negative. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how.

To answer your specific questions:

  1. No No No No

  2. The symptoms you list are not consistent with the diseases you list (and are fearful of having). If no physical cause can be found for your symptoms after such a thorough workup, you should consider a psychosomatic illness. Psychosomatic illness produces very real symptoms.

  3. No. CD4 counts of 590 and 1,200 can both be completely normal.

I urge you to seek counseling for your anxiety and irrational worry that you've contracted HIV or another STD.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob