Not Gulliene-Barre-Diagnosed as Peripheral Neuropathy! Donation to follow tomorrow!


ER last night with what I thought was Guillene-Barre Syndrom. Turns out its Peripheral Neuropathy. Not sure if this is any better in the case of HIV. I was told PN occurs later in hiv not during ars. Is this true? I am pretty much having these problems not from HIV itself? I am almost at my 4 month mark, should I test now? I keep being told my 3 month is conclusive except for at the public health clinic where she says I should be tested at 6 months. I had a standard elisa test for all tests at 2 weeks, 6, 8 and 12.

As for donation I will donate while at work tomorrow since tomorrow is PAYDAY for me! And this is a great cause to donate too!

Thank you for all of your help, hope you can help me out with this one last question and I will double my donation!


(ms I hope to be WOO HOO able! )



Peripheral neuropathy is usually seen in later-stage disease and often associated with certain antiretroviral drugs, such as Zerit (d4T) and Videx (ddI). I do not believe your symptoms are HIV related. If my reassurance is not sufficient for you to shake your fears, you could consider repeating your HIV test to help put your fears permanently to rest. Personally I don't think testing again is medically warranted, but it may help psychologically.

Regarding your peripheral neuropathy, I'd suggest you see a neurologist for a more thorough evaluation. It's possible your symptoms are merely anxiety related. I do not believe this is HIV related.

Thank you for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated. Write back after you've had a formal neurological evaluation and I'll post your follow-up for our forum readers.

Be well Ms. WOO-HOO-able.

Dr. Bob