Normal testosterone levels, ED, lack of morning erection and low sex drive



I'm so frustrated

My sex drive is pretty much non existent. around 5 years ago i a pretty decent drive -- but now I just don't get the urge much and its been like this for the last 5 years. I'm 33 and have erectile issues, I get aroused but as soon as penetrative sex is on the cards I lose my erection and now I don't even get a sniff of morning wood.

I was thinking it may be a testosterone issue but my doc says my reading of 24.1 nmol/l (UK) is within the normal range of 10 - 27 nmol/l.

I lift weights eat weLl and don't drink alcohol. I have suffered from depression since I was 15 and currently experiencing high levels of anxiety and lack of sleep on a daily basis whilst being diagnosed with BPD, I take no meds for any of these issues. I have tried Viagra from my doc but no joy, just want to enjoy sex again and primarily just want to get my sex drive in shape.That is, I want to get the urge every now and then! therapist says I need 1 good experience to break the association of sex and fear.

Please help.


I am sorry to read about your frustration with erectile dysfunction and libido.

Yes, your total testosterone blood level is fine (above 600 ng/dL, US units). But testosterone is only one factor involved in libido and erectile function.

When you say BPD, do you mean borderline personality disorder or did you mean BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia (inflammation)?

Anxiety and lack of sleep are actually stronger factors involved in ED and low sex drive than testosterone. But it seems to me that you know that already. There is very little chance for your sexual function issues to improve unless anxiety and sleep are improved.

Can you give me more information including an answer to my question above? Thank you.

In health,