Are these normal symptoms?


Hello Doctor. I have a doubts, if my friend, who is HIV+, sometimes coughs blood, that involves an important risk for his close friends? She neither undergoes treatment nor goes to the doctor(this is another story) and Im worried about she can catch TB or something. Recently sheve showed me a big hematoma in her shoulder joint and she cant move the arm because of pain. Are these normal symptoms of HIV? I know she should goes to see a doctor, but if I say her that, she gets angry with me. A condition of her job was that she couldnt have any immune system disease, her job is her life, and she doesnt want that in a database appears her treatment (thats why she rejects the treatment). Maybe, its not a very scientific issue but Id like to know the opinion of an expert.

Thank you very much.



Your friend is very foolish and shortsighted. She may consider her job her life; however, HIV will gladly snuff that life out prematurely if she doesn't receive proper care and treatment and then she'll have neither job nor life.

If she's coughing up blood, yes, she can present a risk to those around her. Continue to encourage your friend to seek medical attention. Inform her of this Web site and suggest she review the information here. Finally, remind her that blood is a highly infectious fluid and if she's coughing it up, she could be putting others at risk. She also needs an evaluation to determine why she's coughing up blood.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob