Normal CBC Results Over Ten Year Period?



I have had CBC with diff labs done three times over the last ten years (one 10 yrs ago, one five yrs ago, and one a few months ago). All results have been normal and my blood levels are very similar over the last ten years. If I were exposed/infected ten years ago (around the same time as my first CBC), would my blood levels still be normal today (ten years after)? I understand that a person can be asymptomatic for ten years, but someone was telling me that an infected person (who didn't know it) can still have normal CBC labs after ten years of being exposed. What would be your medical opinion?



My medical opinion is that CBCs (complete blood counts) are not surrogate HIV tests! They have no predictive value for diagnosing HIV seropositivity, nor should anyone try to presume their HIV status based on normal or even abnormal CBC results! Dude, if you've been wondering if you are HIV infected for a whole decade, I feel sorry for you. Accurate HIV-specific test results are readily available in as few as 20 minutes using rapid tests! Why wonder, why worry when definitive answers are so easily obtainable?

Dr. Bob