Non stop Headache 24 hours


Hi. Dr. Not sure if my question was ask before.

I have a non stop heaadache 24 hours started two weeks ago. I am now entering the third week.

*I am HIV+ Viral load: None dectable *CD4 count: 500

I last had the similar incident (headache) 3 years ago. And was hospitilized - for 2 days with drip on.

Now what worries me is that... I saw in Internet that HEADACHE might be a symptom for a Brain TUMOR/cancer.

I am now very worried as a result.

The pain is normally not localized. It sometimes around my eye, my forehead, in the middle of my head. But it stays in this areas for a list half a day.

IF IT HAPPENS THAT IT BRAIN CANCER/TUMOR NB: If early detected can it be STOP. Is there a cure.

Thank-you (Male 29 years old-from South Africa)


Headaches have multiple possible causes, including tension, dehydration, high blood pressure, fatigue, hunger, anxiety, depression, and others.

There are some serious medical causes of headache as well. These include infection (such as meningitis), but you'd be very sick with fever, sweats, etc. It's true that brain tumors cause headaches, but it's important to realize that this is an unusual cause of headache. If you have a severe or persistent headache, or a headache with neurological symptoms, like weakness, numbness, loss of balance, or change in level of alertness, then you should seek immediate medical attention.