WE COULD HAVE HIV-AIDS CURE IN 4 YEARS WITH PROBER FUNDING says the professor that found HIV Oct 13, 2008

Hi Dr Moyle, you are our shining light with the countless hours and time you put into helping people with hiv live a normal life... Noble prize winner prof Luc Montagnier has stated a cure for hiv can be on hand with in 4 years with proper goverment funding, what do you know about this Dr Moyle ??? Has Prof Luc hit the jackbot ??? if so he is a genius and will make 40 million people lives so happy if this can happen.... Dr Moyle what do you know about this possible cure for hiv - aids in 4 years time ???

'There could be an Aids vaccine in four years,' says Nobel Prize winner By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 9:54 PM on 06th October 2008

Comments (31) Add to My Stories Professor Luc Montagnier believes a 'therapeutic' cure is in sight A French scientist awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the Aids virus has predicted there would be a 'therapeutic vaccine' for the disease within four years. Luc Montagnier and his team discovered HIV at the French Pasteur Institute in Paris 25 years ago, and have been awarded the prestigious prize along with other scientists who worked on discovering the root of the virus.

Montagnier, 76, said a treatment could be possible in the future with a 'therapeutic' rather than preventive vaccine for which results might be published in three or four years if financial backing is forthcoming. 'I think it will be possible with a therapeutic vaccine rather than preventative vaccinations. We would give it to people who are already infected. A therapeutic vaccine prevents disease from flourishing after it has taken hold. The Nobel Assembly of Sweden's Karolinska Institute praised their work, saying: 'The discovery was one prerequisite for the current understanding of the biology of the disease and its antiretroviral treatment.'


I think Prof Montagnier should be congratulated on his Nobel Prize and the important contribution to the discovery of HIV and subsequent testing technology for HIV infects. He works in what is now one of the most well funded virology research labortories in the world but I have not heard of any new hope of a cure. The place where governments can act globally is through activities which educate and empower people to prevent acquisition of HIV and to enable universal access to current treatments. Kind Regards Dr Moyle