please ive asked three times over the past month with no answer. i took my one year old when i got tested and he was playing near a biohazard box which was on the ground that had plastic teeth on the top. in the box only was two day old oraquik tests and retractable needles. he was playing with his book near it. he was reaching around it iff he happened to put his hand near it would the plastic teeth have caught his hand. was he at any type of risk??? i cant eat. sleep. i have ocd.


Hi there:

The answer to your question is no. HIV does not live well outside of the body. Any HIV that was present would be unable to infect someone, including your son. Furthermore, the virus needs direct access to the bloodstream for infection to occur. There was no direct access to the bloodstream here. There was no risk of HIV transmission in this situation.

While I am not concerned about the risk of HIV transmission in this case, I am concerned about you. Your question states that you have asked this question three times in the past month, and that you have OCD. Does this mean that you have not seen a therapist or counselor in over a month to work through this? Are you currently being treated by a qualified mental health professional?

Unchecked, OCD and other anxiety disorders can cause a lifetime of grief for both you and your family. If you are in treatment then I would suggest you bring this question and answer to your therapist or counselor so that the two of you can work through your repetitive thoughts regarding this matter. Best of luck to you.

In health,