No gold teeth or jewelry, will paypal do?


Dear dr. Bob, (thats even better as dr. Phill)

Ive written my questions to you about three times before, and I know my case is not the important one. But I would sell family jewels just to get an answer. By lack of this I will make a donation by paypal. I dont know who else to ask. Excuse my English.

The reason I write this is because Im worried shitless. Three weeks ago I had a sexual encounter with a prostitute in Amsterdam. As you may not know, but the rate of hiv-infection with sexworkers here is as high as 7%, because HIV-testing is not regulated for this profession.

Anyway, the female sexworker performed oral and vaginal sex, both protected. I did not finish, but finished myself with the condom still on. However, because of this my fingers got wet with her fluids. She removed the condom using a tissue, but I have touched my penis afterwards without washing my hands. I only thought of this the day after. Furthermore, I had an itching eye this evening (because of a dry contact lense) and rubbed my eye several times with the same hand.

After this encounter I felt very guilty and even levelled my behaviour with my girlfriend. She of course was not amused but she still supported me. She is not worried, but yesterday Ive gotten ill, with fever.

We have not had sex yet, because of her beliefs, but we may have soon. Im of course very scared about the possibility of HIV-infection, both for myself and mostly for my girlfriend.

Do you think its possible for me to have an infection because of the situation as described?? Do I need hiv-testing?

I cannot thank you enough if you would be so kind to answer these questions. I know you are a very busy man since I think you get hundreds of messages like this every day. I wish you all the best. My pay-pal donation may take about one week.

Greetings GJ


Hello GJ,

Don't sacrifice the family jewels! I'll answer! I'll answer!!!

First off, you are absolutely correct about prostitution in the Netherlands. It's been legal since January 1988, but the sex workers are not required to undergo regular health checks or HIV testing, despite the fact that health and social services are readily available to sex workers, as they are a legal profession with all the rights and privileges of any other self-employed tradesperson. A relatively recent study found that despite the availability of these health services and recommended health guidelines for sex workers, Dutch prostitutes have about a 7% rate of HIV positivity.

Turning now to your specific question, your HIV worries are unwarranted. The chance of acquiring HIV from the activities you describe is so remote it can be considered essentially nonexistent, assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not fail.

The main reason for you to get HIV tested would be to permanently put your unwarranted HIV fears to rest. Remember to wait for the three-month mark so that your result will be definitive.

Thank you for your PayPal donation. In return, I'll send my good-luck/good-health karma that your conclusive three-month HIV test will be negative, as I very strongly believe it will indeed be!

By the way, your girlfriend is glad you still have your family jewels. She's not finished playing with them yet.

Good luck. Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob