no energy and bloody stools


For the past two weeks I have felt weak and tired with little energy. Tonight I had blood in my stool, actually all blood no stool. Also I have been coughing more than normal and when I do, my chest and back hurts. Ring a bell with anything?



Not only does it "ring a bell," it bangs the drums, crashes the cymbals, and shoots off fireworks as well. You need to be evaluated by your doctor right away. Bright red blood per rectum can be a relatively simple problem like a bleeding hemorrhoid or a sign of a more serious condition. If you've felt weak and tired for the past few weeks, you may have lost enough blood to be anemic. Cough resulting in pain in the chest and back also needs to be evaluated. Again, it can be something simple like a pulled muscle from coughing or something more significant like pneumonia. I don't want to delay your evaluation any further by detailing all the possible causes of your symptoms. You need to see your doctor. So, turn off the computer and call for an appointment. Be sure to mention your symptoms when you call. If you can't be seen right away, you should go to an urgent care clinic or emergency room. So what are you waiting for? Turn off the computer. Make the call.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob