Nipple Biting & Exposure to Blood


Hi Robert

First of all, I must say I really admire your positive outlook in life and your work for humanity. I'll donate to your foundation as a matter of respect and appreciation.

I am a gay from China who had a sex encounter with a guy whose status is unknown. While hugging each other, the guy suddenly bit my nipple and I realised there was blood on my nipple. I quickly ran to the toilet to wash it off:

  1. Assuming the guy is HIV+, am I right to say that the risk of HIV transmission is non-existent because I observed that my nipple skin is intact (there is no cut at all, the blood actually came from his gum)

  2. What will be the risk of trasmission if the blood that I washed off from my nipple flowed through the mucous membrane of my penis?

  3. Due to fear, I did not continue our sex activity therefore there is no other exposure. Should I still get tested?

Thank you and look forward to your reply.

Mr. C


Hello Mr. C,

  1. You are correct: HIV cannot permeate intact skin.

  2. That would depend on many variables, including the amount of blood, viral load, duration of contact, etc. Suffice it to say HIV testing would be warranted.

  3. I do not believe HIV testing is warranted. However, if you are worried, testing is always an option available to you. Remember, HIV-antibody testing prior to the three-month mark is not considered to be definitive. If you do decide to get tested, it would be primarily for peace of mind, because the results will undoubtedly be negative.

Thank you for your kind comments and your donation ( Both are warmly appreciated.

Be well.

Dr. Bob