Nine years of HIV


Hello there, I have been HIV+ for nine years and have never taken any meds, yet my CD4 count has always been over 800. However, my viral load has always hovered around 50,000. (I have had blood tests every three months for all of the last nine years. My latest results as of January 22, 2009 were 12,000 CD4 and 30,00 viral load.) My doctor is unwilling to say whether or not I'm a slow progressor. I'm confused as a result. What do you think? Thank you so much!


Given that you have been infected for almost 10 years and your CD4 count remains in the normal range, despite a moderate level of detectable viral load, you are a slow progressor. People given the label of nonprogressor or elite controller usually have undetectable viral loads along with their normal CD4 count and also don't require HIV treatment.