Night Sweats and protected sex


I am having night sweats some nights on and off and am feeling very anxious about this. I have had casual sex in the past severl months but very well protected with extra thick security condoms. No oral sex or bodily fluid exchange except for some kissing. I have no other symptoms but I keep waking up every night some times with out sweats just worried. I have had NO rash, fever, swollen glands. How critical are these on and off night sweats or are they just triggerd by my anxiety.


Hello there- Sounds like you are using condoms appropriately and so I think your risk for HIV is very low and I don't think HIV is the cause of your night sweats. Although I have to say I am not familiar with extra thick security condoms. Do they sound an alarm if breakage occurs? Come with a padlock and an armed guard? But seriously, I can't explain your symptoms but certainly I think night sweats should be evaluated by a dr to ensure they are not related to any underlying conditions. Anxiety can be a cause but it would be a diagnosis I would only make after I ensure no medical conditions are the cause. Take care, LHW