Next generation ofHIV Meds 5 days on 2 days off


Hi Dr Keith,

l have been hiv positive for over 15 years... l have developed resistance two times to my meds in 15 years... my liver and kidneys are only so so and l am 46 years old... l know a cure for hiv is not on the horizen at the moment, but l have heard in trails the new drug 5 days on 2 days off works well, is this true ??? Dr if so how far away are we in new state of the art HIV meds ??? or what is the next step in hiv meds ??? you are my hero and many others,

please keep up the great work


If you are in the US or other resource rich countries there are a number of new HIV meds (integrase inhibitors, CCR5 inhibitors, enfuvertide, and 2nd generation protease and NNRTI inhibitors) that are active against resistant virus. In the vast majority of cases proper use of a combination of the newer meds can control even highly resistant virus. none of the treatments for resistant virus can be used in an alternating/ on-off manner. The new state of the art for HIV treatment is now with the newer meds if they are available where you are located. Most of the new drugs work well if if there are existing liver or kidney problems. KH