I tested posted for HIV about a month ago. I had a sinus infection, now that is gone but now I think I may have thrush. I have a cough, small bumbs at the back of my tongue and my tongue is white. I am thinking the cough is still from mugus from the sinus infection. I do not know what my cd4 count or viral load is yet. I am thinking that I want to go directly on medication. Do you think these symptoms are of thrush? Also, is it contagious? Please advise. Thank you.


Thanks for your post.

Thrush is a whitish coating of the tongue, and commonly the back of the throat. Thrush is caused by a yeast infection, called Candida-- not every white coating of the tongu is thrush, though. Sometimes normal conditions (like geographic tongue) can be confused for thrush. In general, thrush is not contagious, since the Candida yeast is very common as part of the normal microbiological flora of the human mouth.

As for starting on medications, I'd wait to see your viral load and more importantly, your CD4 count before drawing any conclusions about the need to start on medications.

In either event, I'd be sure to discuss all of these issues with your doctor.

Good luck, thanks for reading. BY