My NEWBORN and i may have been infected by neighbor's workers...PEASE RESPOND I AM GOING CRAZY


Dear Dr. Bob, I am an obsessing mother who prior to having my child would obsess over many casual contact scenarios of azquiring HIV. From food to hand shakes to people randomly poking me on the street, YOU NAME IT! After i got pregnant we installed Nanny cams all over our home. Yesterday the cameras were not working and my son and i were napping, i always check after a nap/sleep to make sure no one attacked us in our home. Well after our nap i realized the camera were not rolling and i am ready to jump pff a cliff. I am soooo terrified that someone came and infected us(sexual or asexual). Our next door neighbors are remodeling so i am petrified that one of the workers in the condo next door may have gotten in our unit by door/window and infected us. I know you probably think i am nuts, but i really fear this. i CAN'T STOP CRYNG AND FEELING GUILTY that i may have been the cause of my child getting HIV. Please advise me... i am desperate for your help. With love & gratitude



WOWZA. Just how much crazy powder have you been adding to your morning smoothies?

Your fears are completely irrational. Yep, totally Looney Tunes. Lady, you are not "going crazy"; you're already there. In fact you may have passed crazy quite some time ago.

My advice is that you go to a psychiatrist. (Do not pass "go"; do not collect $200.) You need some serious time on a shrink's couch to confront and hopefully conquer your long-standing HIV phobia.

Don't delay. Get the help you need, OK? Your problems really are all in your head!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob