New job with new company - health insurance question


I'm considering a new job with a new company. With my current employer, I've met my total out of pocket. So, any future medical or prescription expense will be covered 100% by my current employer. If I change jobs, what happens? I assume I'll enroll in the new company's insurance. Will my out of pocket start back to $0? Are there any other aspects should I considering regarding health insurance if I change employers? I'm assume new company's insurance is similar to my current employer. Thanks.


Changing jobs can be tricky for someone dealing with a chronic condition. To answer your first question, yes, if you change insurance plans and carriers, your benefits start again from 0 which means you will have to start over on meeting your deductible as well as the out-of-pocket limit.

In the past, if you happened to switch to an employer whose insurance was with the same carrier as your prior plan, sometimes they would allow transfers of accumulated benefits. However, it is my understanding that is no longer done.

You state you assume the new employer's insurance is similar to your current coverage. I don't believe you should assume that; you need to know for sure whether the new employer even offers health insurance and, if so, what the coverage is.

In the interview process you want to go beyond just discussing the pay. Ask about all the benefits. To avoid raising any suspicions, ask about the life insurance, disability insurance, retirement package, education assistance, parking privileges, and, oh yes, what is your health insurance like?

A thoughtful interviewer will appreciate that you are looking beyond just the paycheck. Also, the interviews are not just for them to learn about you, but this is your chance to find out what type of company this would be to work for.

Good luck, Jacques