i have new dx of hiv (note: always safe, only oral, never catch,never used drugs, ever, very healthy -there is no such thing as safe sex so quit lying about it) CD 4=220; isnt this very low? should i expect to die soon? should i start these awful, debilitating drugs or just plan to die?


Let's start with the last question first; should you just plain die? The answer is, No. There is no reason to. Your CD4 cell count is lowish but not basement level and certainly is high enough that on therapy you are likely to see a great increase in your counts to normal or near normal levels.

Your prognosis without HIV therapy? Who knows? It depends on many factors including your viral load, your access to medical care, your outlook (could use some help right now), your age and any other medical problems you have.

Therapy? Don't believe everything you read (especially on forums). The majority of people on HIV therapy are tolerating these meds just fine. Few would trade anything for the ability to take these life saving, and yes, often quality of life enhancing, drugs and very few are ever debilitated by them. Treatments have become generally less toxic and easier to take. But, don't take my word for it. Join a support group, hear from others who have gone through what you are dealing with and have survived and thrived. Learn from them and make the decisions that will help you live.