new future hiv treatment


Hi Keith, l recently tested hiv pos and my world is not the same, l am a hetrosexuel man of 37 years old, my life was so happy before my hiv and know l dont know what to do but look up ways we can find a cure or better drugs with less side effects, what do you think will come of the august aids meeting in mexico ??? do you have a insight to any positve treatments that might be a few years away ??? better still when are we going to see a world news flash, scientist have found the cure for hiv, won't that be a great day.. keith you are my idol and l read every post of yours thank you fred


There is no cure for HIV on the horizon-that is the bad news (though smart researchers are working on that). The good new is that current drugs available in resource rich areas of the world work very well. hough more drugs are on the way we have many outstanding drug combinations now (many drugs just became available in the last year to add to the list). Most patients can find a simple regimen that they tolerate well and that can control their HIV infection for many decades. The current goal is to suppress HIV completely, achieve a CD4 count > 500, have a near normal life expectancy, experience a high quality long life. Compared to the old days (pre-1996) HIV clinics are full of vital patients doing well and a generally buoyant mood pervasive throughout the clinic staff and patients. Connecting with a good HIV clinic/doc is an important part of the care process. KH