new future hiv cure with tre recombinase enzyme


Hi Keith, l read in national paper that tre recombinase enzyme can elimate the hiv virus from infected cells in 3 months... but we know hiv is tricky and hides in your dna, the german reseach team want to come up with a extra enzyme to target other parts of hiv in people's dna and flush the virus right out of people's system... Keith you are our shining light and l look forward to every answer of yours on the forum.. can you please give me your opinion on this future treatment, also how do you think scientist will cure hiv ??? thank you so much for your time...


Too early to say whether that treatment will pan out. There is no treatment currently under clinical study that is likely to result in a cure at the present time. Current treatments can keep HIV under control and possibly lead to a normal life expectancy and high quality of life. Several excellent research groups are still working on a cure but there is nothing practical out of their labs that would be useful in the near future. KH