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New Book to Feature a Decade of Early AIDS Activists' Portraits

    Robert Garcia (Credit: Bill Bytsura)
    Dene Greenough and Floyd MartinBill Bytsura) Moises Agosto (Credit: Bill Bytsura) Saundra Johnson (Credit: Bill Bytsura) Hal Haner (Credit: Bill Bytsura) Alan Contini (Credit: Bill Bytsura) Aldyn McKean (Credit: Bill Bytsura) Mona Bennett (Credit: Bill Bytsura) Robert Garcia (Credit: Bill Bytsura
    JD Davids

    JD Davids


    A longtime HIV/AIDS activist and communication strategist, JD Davids was a senior editor and the director of strategic communications at TheBody/TheBodyPro from 2014 to 2018.