New to ATRIPLA and Sustanon-Deca user


Hi Nelson, this is Rafael here, I am 37 y.o. (also Venezuelan (half) but I write in English for everyone to understand!!), I am poz 8 years ago with no medication, always with a VL under 5000, and CD4 went progessively down from the 900s in 2002 to the 300s 2010 (mainteined 300s for the last 2 years), always healthy, Ive never been sick! But I decided to start with meds (ATRIPLA) just a month ago as I do not want to risk my health (I havent experienced any side effects, not even at day 1 of treatment). Well.... my question is that I used anabolic steroyds the last 2 years (2008 and 2009) and I would like to use them again this year. Do you think that is risky to use them while starting treatment??? Are there any possible interactions? I alwayd did lab tests after using steroids, and everything was fine. Gracias Nelson .- Rafael


I would not use anabolics if you are not having a difficult time gaining weight after being sick. In a moderate number of patients they carry some reversible (prostatic inflammation, large increase in red blood cells, increased blood pressure, liver enzyme increases with orals like oxandrolone, testicular atrophy, acne, and breast enlargement) and a potentially irreversible risk (long term shut down of your hormonal axis that will render you hypogonadal(testosterone deficient) after you finish the cycle).

All anabolic steroid studies (using nandrolone or oxandrolone plus or without testosterone) have not shown reductions in CD4 cell counts and increases in viral load.

I know that some men will take anabolics even knowing about the potential risks. I can chose to ignore that and dismiss them. Or I can chose to help them minimize their risks. That is why I would like to list what the required blood tests are if you decide to take the risks. Just know that you will need a physician to monitor you.

Optimal monitoring for those on testosterone or anabolics:

Prostatic specific antigen (PSA) blood test and digital rectal exam before starting, 6 months after and then once a year.

Hematocrit/hemoglobin once a month during the first three months and then every three months.

Blood pressure every two weeks (at home).

Free testosterone levels at baseline and then a month later to readjust dose if needed.

Free testosterone the month after you stop the anabolic to see if your body's testosterone production is returning to normal or not. Repeat a month after that. Many men chose to stay on testosterone replacement to avoid losing lean body mass and quality of life after cessation of anabolics. Some men have hormonal axis that never return to normal after steroid cessation.

More details in Built to Survive.

Good luck and be careful.