Photo courtesy of Janssen Pharmaceuticals.
Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

The long-awaited 800-mg Prezista tablet has been approved by the FDA. Previously, people on Prezista took two 400-mg tablets once a day (with Norvir). Prezista must still be taken with Norvir and food, but now only one pill once a day. Kudos to Janssen Pharmaceuticals for reducing pill burden for Prezista patients.

Janssen plans to phase out the 400-mg pills. Still in the works is a co-formulated pill with a drug level booster built right in, combining Prezista with the PK (pharmacokinetic) enhancer cobicistat. This would eliminate the need for taking Norvir. Cobicistat by itself is not yet on the market, but is part of the recently FDA approved single tablet regimen Stribild.

The new tablet will be covered by the Janssen Patient Savings Program and the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation.

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